David Ortiz

Associate Professor

I am a socio-cultural historian of 18th, 19th, & 20th century Europe.  I also focus on social movements in a number of courses (HIST 695Q, HIST456A, HIST 477, & HIST 478A.  My new course on the History of the Bicycle (HIST 407) is primarily a cultural history.  I also teach History of Sexuality (HIST 411), which is a social and cultural history with a large dollop of social and political theory.  

I regularly teach the following courses:
History 411-511 - The History of Modern Sexualities
History 407-507 - Perpetual Revolutions: The History of the Bicycle
History 456A-556A - History of Anarchism
History 477-577 - History of Comparative World Revolutions
History 478A-578A - The Global Sixties
History 498 - The Nature and Practice of History
HIstory 465C-565C - Imperial Spain
History 465D-565D - Contemporary Spain

In addition, I teach graduate courses in Mediterranean history and modern Europe seminars and colloquia on various topics.