Online Course

Planning Powerful Presentations

Designing and delivering presentations can be fun, but also intimidating.  This class will help make the process less scary by providing easy-to-use strategies for achieving your purpose with varied audiences and contexts.  You will learn how to develop effective visual presentations and methods for face-to-face or on-line presentations. In addition to reviewing ways to create interesting slides, we will also discuss developing a presence, accessibility, copyright issues, and the challenges of remote presentations. 


Power to the People? Lessons from Europe's Populist Turn

Join Political Science Professor Paulette Kurzer, a specialist in European politics, as she examines the rise of radical rightwing populist parties. Virtually all (West) European countries nowadays possess a rightwing populist party, defined as a political group that claims to represent the people against the elite and espouses nationalist, anti-immigration, and anti-EU rhetoric. This course will explore why rightwing populism has spread in Europe since the early 2000s. We will compare the political dynamics in three West European countries: France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

No Time for Nice: Kindness as a Force for Personal and Social Change

If you want to engage more actively in your community for positive change, here is your opportunity!  In this five-week course taught by Jeannette Maré, Founder of Ben's Bells in Tucson, participants will explore and evolve their understanding of “kindness” through readings, videos, and class discussions about fundamental concepts and common misconceptions of kindness. Using a social science lens, participants will engage their curiosity about the complexity of humans to identify their own barriers to kind action.

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