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A Racial Justice Mixtape

More than a source of entertainment, music has played a central role in Black struggles for racial justice in the United States. From the spirituals created by enslaved Africans in the antebellum South, to hip hop lyrics chanted during protests in the summer of 2020, the history of Black music is also a history of Black protest.  

Consequences of Capitalism

Learn about and discuss today’s most urgent issues with one of the greatest public intellectuals of our time. Professor Noam Chomsky and UArizona emeritus professor Marv Waterstone will co-teach this seven-week class that is both a general education course for UArizona undergraduates and open to life-long learners from the general public.  Connecting students from multiple generations and political outlooks, this course is sure to stimulate ideas, debate, and dialogue. 

Human Rights Crisis: The War in Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in a massive, very fast-moving humanitarian crisis. Millions of Ukrainians are internally displaced or fleeing the country as refugees. Russian human rights activists have also fled their country, as have others opposed to the war and tightening autocratic rule. Taking a human rights perspective, this fully online course will focus on the regional history and politics leading to the February 24 Russian military invasion of Ukraine, and the leadership strategies/tactics of Putin and Zelensky in the crisis.

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