Whiteness and Racial Violence in America

Class Dates

October 01, 2020 to November 05, 2020

Meeting Days

Thursdays, 4:30 - 6 PM


Online Course



Course Instructor(s)

This course is designed for people of all backgrounds who are interested in: 1) learning more about how racial violence works in conjunction with other forms of structural racism, 2) making connections between past and present experiences of racial inequality, and 3) unpacking the ways we are constantly bombarded with messages that uphold white superiority and racial hierarchy. The course is focused on a critical examination of whiteness and the role that it plays in shaping American society and all people’s understandings of themselves (often by way of contrast). We explore the various sources of white power and privilege in order to shed light on how situations of severe racial inequality are created and maintained. We will take up an anthropological focus which will offer insight into how to read the cultural messages we are surrounded by through a critical lens. Regardless of whether you have just started to learn more about racial inequality and are hoping to better understand the powerful protests surrounding George Floyd’s brutal murder, or whether you have been living these issues your whole life, this course will offer deeper insight on how race and whiteness structure our world and our daily lives and how you can use this insight in the fight for racial justice.


Attendance & Participation

This course will be delivered via the University of Arizona Zoom platform. The six different class sessions will be LIVE ONLINE and will be recorded. The recordings will be shared with registered students after each session to facilitate access for those who cannot make the live sessions. In addition,  participants will also watch on their own a one hour pre-recorded lecture prior to the LIVE ONLINE class session.


Online registration for this course is now openAfter registration participants will receive instructions about how to access the course online. 


Refunds are available and need to be requested before or by October 2. To drop a class, please contact Kerstin Miller at 520-621-5111 or sbs-communitymatters@email.arizona.edu. A $25 administrative fee for each cancellation will apply.